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  1. Greetings Here: (Moderators, all Fans & HASBRO)
    To support the request to return to M.A.S.K. the rightful place:

    My favorite Toy of entire childhood (1995-1988). After death of my grandfather in 1988, I left everything aside. But I started collecting again from 1998 and completed it in 2002. At that time I created my first website entitled MASK “illusion is Alive Yet”
    dedicated to one of the best series of the 80`s. After some time, I met a great human being named Javier Peña(Mexican-collector, friend) and we started a new idea based in one of the most interesting MASK vehicles that never came out, Shark, we mobilized the media for some time. After two years i decided to stop for a while, a few years later I learned of the death of my great friend Javier, RIP, in a work accident. It was then that I stopped everything related to MASK…
    Until last year, when i saw in the media it was rising a major campaign to celebrate the 29th anniversary of MASK (Sept. 16 2014) so I was excited again, and i saw great, interesting & stronger groups emerging.
    Then I decided to join them and i created a page to bring back MASK too.
    I am convinced that all groups have an incredible amount of fans calling & appealing for the return of this great series, not only on television, also in the cinema and modern action figures. With intensity we ask to Hasbro to bring back MASK
    Collectors and one of the best action figure of our time deserve their return. It`s Time
    Next September will be the 30th anniversary of this super excellent Toy design & cartoon series…M.A.S.K.
    We are making a request to Hasbro. to give back to M.A.S.K. ITS rightful place…
    Jose M Rosario Rodriguez
    M.A.S.K. Peaceful Nations Alliance (PNA) Group
    & Faithful Fans Worldwide

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